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Washington, Oregon, Idaho BC-Western Canada

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Switches – Tact Switch, Rotary, Slide, Push, Detector Type and Specialty; Rotary Encoders – Resistive and Magnetic; Potentiometers– Rotary, Slide; RF Modulators, Tuners and VCO’s, Capacitive Touch Pads & Panels, Printer Mechanisms; LED Backlight Assemblies, Low Profile Custom Membrane Switch Assemblies and Remote Controls; Connectors – PCMCIA and IC Card, SD, MicroSD and Media Connector Types; Sensors – Humidity, Force, Magnetic & Resistive., Haptic Reactor Devices for Capacitive Touch applications


Haptic Reactors -Haptic Devices for Capacitive Touch applications; Sensors – Magnetic, 6D, Humidity & Force; Green Devices - High Efficiency Power Inductors; MicroClip Connectors. 



  2017 Sensor Presentation


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POWER SUPPLY SOLUTIONS:  Autec Power Systems offers a broad line of power supply solutions consisting of Custom Power Supplies, Standard / Modified Power Supplies, High Power, Industrial Power Supplies, Medical-grade External, Medical-grade (Open-frame / Enclosed / U-channel), Medical and Industrial Desktops, Wall mount adapters and LED Drivers.




 Company Presentation:


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Printed circuit boards, Flex circuits and Ridged-flex circuits


Circuit Services Worldwide is a Full Service ISO Certified Circuit Board Fabricator providing a one stop shop that can schedule production for your long range projects as well as provide top quality prototypes in 12, 24, 48, or 72 hours and E-mail spec transfer is available 24 hours a day. Also offering local US Based Engineering design support.

With facilities in Taiwan and China, Circuit Services Worldwide are also the one stop solution for your higher volume global production needs. 

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The Original Mutual Capacitive Touch Technology with Near Field Communications – OEM Capacitive Touch Pads, GlidePoint, GlideTouch & GlideSensors + MultiTouch Functions and Controllers


GlidePoint® NFC - Cirque has patented the integration of NFC and capacitive touch sensors. This combination includes industry leading features such as: multi-finger gestures, precise finger tracking and high resolution stylus: 


Cirque Capabilites Update 2017

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Conxall® Field Installable plastic circular connectors and molded cable assemblies. Designed to operate in the most demanding harsh environments, IP67 & IP68 rated sealed connector systems. Made in the USA!


Expanded series of Shielded Mini-Con-X and Micro-Con-X connectors - 

[WOIM]         www.delphi.com/manufacturers/other/connectors

Connectors and cable Assemblies for the Automotive, Commerical/Speciality Vehicles, Industrial, Military/Aerospce and Medical



[WO]         www.fremontmicrousa.com

Nonvolatile Serial EE and Flash memory for the embedded memory market – Serial EEPROM & Flash Memory, Analog Power Management, LED Drivers & Green Power control devices.


New Serial Flash Memory 4GB - 64GB.  New Short Form Catalog now available.  


FMD Product Selector Guide



[WOIB]         www.interfet.com

Semiconductors – JFET’s – Commercial and Military specs. Amplifiers, Differential Amplifiers, Switches & Customs.


Updated designers guide and application notes.

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LED’s – PCB, Discrete SMT and Thru-Hole, Panel Mount, Pilot Lights and Custom Assemblies and Arrays, Traffic Signal Lamps, Incandescent Based Lamp Replacements


Discrete LEDs, Light Pipes OptiLED™ Light Pipes for SMT LEDs Right Angle, Round & Rectangular Face


Good Article On LED Lighting Now:


Dimable High Bay Light:




[WOIB]         www.ep-us.mersen.com

Bus Bars and Power Distribution Systems - Laminated Bus Bars, Power Bus, Two Bus, Cap Bus and IGBT Bus, Prototype Kits. PCB Power Distribution Systems and Components. Semiconductor Fusing and High Performance Cooling Systems - Heatpipes, Air & Water Cooled Heatsinks.


Engineering Bus Bar Design Guide and Capabilites Brochure. New Thermal Simulation program: R-Tools 3D Heatsink Modeling.


Bus Bar Design Basics:


New Cooling Catalog pdf:


Cooling of Power Electronic:

[WOI]         www.nichicon-us.com

Capacitors: Aluminum Electrolytic, Polymer, Tantalum, Plastic Film, Aluminum Chip and Aluminum Double Layer Caps To 150 Farads, Diode Arrays, Thermistors


Expansion of Highly Reliable Polymer Electrolytic Capacitor Lineup - Higher Operating Voltage Ranges.

[WOI]         www.rectron.com

Semiconductors - Bridge Rectifiers, Schottky Rectifiers, Surface Mount Diodes, Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Transient Voltage Suppressors, Zener Diodes, Glass Diodes, Fast Recovery Diodes


Updated Product Selector Guide and Application notes. New SMT Bridges: SMPD1 - Ideal for LED lighting applications - 1/2Amp/ 1000V  -35% footprint reduction in SMT Package

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Power disconnect switches


Product Overview:


How to Choose a Rotary Cam Switch:

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A leading manufacturer of electronic components for over 60 years, offers a broad selection of products for lighting, medical, GPS tracking/ data acquisition, security, military, instrumentation and broadcast applications. The Switchcraft® offering of connectors, cables, switches, jacks and plugs are perfect for anything from harsh environments, where IP rated product is needed to all of your other industrial and audio needs. Made in the USA!


RJ45 weathertight Connectors are sealed to IP67 & IP68 NEMA 250 (6P) when mated. Waterproof D-Sub connectors meet IP67 rating



New Push-Pull Connector Family:


More New Products:


Online Cable Builder Program: http://www.switchcraft.com/cable_builder.aspx




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Audio Products – Surface-Mount Devices: Piezo and Electro-Mechanical indicators and transducers, Piezo Ceramic Benders, Audio Indicators, Speakers, Receivers & Ultrasonic Transducers. Specialty Products: Sirens, Dual-Function Speakers/Receivers and Vibration Motors


New SMT Transducers for Medical, Test Equipment and Gaming applications. TUSA's MLCT (Multilayer Ceramic Transmitter) series packs a huge sound into a tiny package, overall size 30 x 20 x 1.5mm.

[WOIM]         www.utlimateconnectors.com

Specializing in Microminiature and Nanominiature Connectors and Cable Assemblies



[WOIB]         www.union-ic.com

Analog IC’s – FET’s, Power Supply IC, Power Management, ESD Protection, Interface, Analog Switch & Multiplexer


UM3502 Series - a DC to DC converter with INTEGRATED inductor, FET and diodes in 1.omm height